Cutting-edge AI expertise and our diverse team of specialists help you gain business advantage

Longstanding experience in the field of AI with a proven track record. Combine that with the powerhouses that provide us with enterprise-ready requirements engineering, software development, user experience, and IT operations



Hit the bullseye

We help you identify the most adequate use cases within your business that can be optimized using AI techniques.

Our previous experiences show that the key to a successful application of AI-based techniques relies on identifying the appropriate process and combining it with the most adequate technique available today. Our experts help you identify the most suitable processes within your organization and propose optimization possibilities that can result from the application of AI while proposing clearly trackable metrics.


From data to insights

Data engineering is at the core of our competences. We acquire, clean, prepare, process, and analyze any kind of data to provide you with the insights you can convert into immediate business value.

Most enterprises own data in various formats. Most of it is often saved away without given any attention to. We will help you revive this data – be it logs, images, videos, site visits/clicks, printouts, digital documents, marked and structured data or otherwise. We master techniques to augment smaller data sets and also have the know-how required to deal with large to very large datasets. In doing so, we give the highest consideration to the privacy and safety of your data.


Lean, agile, and open

While we master technology, our clients still possess business know-how. Principles underlying lean and agile development help us combine the best of these worlds to generate immediate business value.

Machine (or deep) learning has asserted itself as the discipline with the widest application possibilities within the wide field of AI. Machine learning is a collection of research fields subject to the knowledge-level and creativity of the engineers applying the technology. Novel techniques are being developed at specialized startups and research laboratories almost on a daily basis.  We at AI First are focused on delivering the best possible solutions to our customers, Therefore — depending on the problem at hand — we are open to seeking cooperation with specialized partners in the industry and in the academia.


Scaling AI-based solutions to an enterprise level

Our current team has proven its ability to push AI-driven software into production systems. In addition, our broad network to further specialized partners in the field of data analytics and AI, our access to the AI talent market, and our experience in handling full cycle enterprise software projects will surely help you go beyond PoCs and leverage advantages of AI in production.

Operating non-traditional (i.e., AI-based software) in production is never a static process. That is, as new data become available, they need to be prepared, reanalyzed, used for training better models, which then need to be validated and deployed into production. This constant life cycle requires non-traditional workflows and custom toolchain. We have experience integrating such software in hosted environments, customer side or on third-party cloud infrastructure. Alternatively, we offer hosting and maintenance of full-blown enterprise solutions on our dedicated data centers in Switzerland packaged with industry standard SLAs.