You can rely on our proven ability to provide insights into various kinds of data sets. We have delivered tailor-made products and services that add immediate business value

Our track record spans various business sectors including insurance, health, real-estate, medical image analysis, transport, and corporate management



Machine learning based defect detection for OEMs

Our customizable and easy-to-use computer vision product “fs-vision” utilizes cutting-edge machine learning techniques to automatize defect detection in manufacturing processes. Based on a small training sets of categorized (for instance good/bad) images, our clients are able to detect similar and previously unseen defects without human intervention. Additionally, customized versions of our product can be used for entirely automated counting of objects. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) applying the technology can therefore speed up their entire supply chain without expert knowledge.


Stop losing money. Today.

Machine Learning system that puts healthcare insurance providers in control of waste, abuse, and fraud. RiSIC uses AI and machine learning to monitor claims in real time and offers powerful benefits that are unique in the market: Please visit for further information.


Turn medical images into valuable data for AI-based diagnostic systems

The HICCAP Annotation Platform is designed for quickly and continuously creating curated data in the clinical setting. The platform is built on a number of core components enabling us to integrate with existing systems, provide pixel-exact annotations with single clicks, incorporate medical information into workflow and scale to thousands of annotators covering millions of patients.

Video Search Engine 

Large scale video processing

Our solution to detect and find similar videos on live TV broadcasts. Custom-made video similarity algorithm and performance optimization support large video databases.

Face Detection — Offline.

Secure and cloud-independent on your mobile device

A state-of-the art face recognition system that uses the FaceNet Convolutional Neural Network to recognize faces requiring not more than a single image per person.

Video Scene Analysis

Understanding Video Content using Scalable Image Analytics and Deep Learning

Large amounts of valuable video footage are hidden in media archives. The videos appear as large blocks of data without information about its content. Proper labeling and scene by scene annotations are absent. Our big image analytics platform is able to analyze videos and add natural language descriptions to every scene in the video – automatically without manual intervention.

Crosswalk Security Maintenance

Lower maintenance costs and increase security for pedestrians using AI

In this showcase the customer responsible for public roads wanted to monitor road surface conditions around crosswalks. Instead of time-consuming and dangerous field inspections, street view-like images, fully georeferenced and accurate to the centimeter level, combined with AI-based object detection, creates actionable reports.