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Cutting-edge AI expertise and our diverse team of specialists help you gain business advantage

Longstanding experience in the field of AI with a proven track record. Combine that with the powerhouses that provide us with enterprise-ready requirements engineering, software development, user experience, and IT operations



Hit the bullseye

We help you identify the most adequate use cases within your business that can be optimized using AI techniques.

Our previous experiences show that the key to a successful application of AI-based techniques relies on identifying the appropriate process and combining it with the most adequate technique available today. Our experts help you identify the most suitable processes within your organization and propose optimization possibilities that can result from the application of AI while proposing clearly trackable metrics.


From data to insights

Data engineering is at the core of our competences. We acquire, clean, prepare, process, and analyze any kind of data to provide you with the insights you can convert into immediate business value.

Most enterprises own data in various formats. Most of it is often saved away without given any attention to. We will help you revive this data – be it logs, images, videos, site visits/clicks, printouts, digital documents, marked and structured data or otherwise. We master techniques to augment smaller data sets and also have the know-how required to deal with large to very large datasets. In doing so, we give the highest consideration to the privacy and safety of your data.


Lean, agile, and open

While we master technology, our clients still possess business know-how. Principles underlying lean and agile development help us combine the best of these worlds to generate immediate business value.

Machine (or deep) learning has asserted itself as the discipline with the widest application possibilities within the wide field of AI. Machine learning is a collection of research fields subject to the knowledge-level and creativity of the engineers applying the technology. Novel techniques are being developed at specialized startups and research laboratories almost on a daily basis.  We at AI First are focused on delivering the best possible solutions to our customers, Therefore — depending on the problem at hand — we are open to seeking cooperation with specialized partners in the industry and in the academia.


Scaling AI-based solutions to an enterprise level

Our current team has proven its ability to push AI-driven software into production systems. In addition, our broad network to further specialized partners in the field of data analytics and AI, our access to the AI talent market, and our experience in handling full cycle enterprise software projects will surely help you go beyond PoCs and leverage advantages of AI in production.

Operating non-traditional (i.e., AI-based software) in production is never a static process. That is, as new data become available, they need to be prepared, reanalyzed, used for training better models, which then need to be validated and deployed into production. This constant life cycle requires non-traditional workflows and custom toolchain. We have experience integrating such software in hosted environments, customer side or on third-party cloud infrastructure. Alternatively, we offer hosting and maintenance of full-blown enterprise solutions on our dedicated data centers in Switzerland packaged with industry standard SLAs.


You can rely on our proven ability to provide insights into various kinds of data sets. We have delivered tailor-made products and services that add immediate business value

Our track record spans various business sectors including insurance, health, real-estate, medical image analysis, transport, and corporate management



Machine learning based defect detection for OEMs

Our customizable and easy-to-use computer vision product “fs-vision” utilizes cutting-edge machine learning techniques to automatize defect detection in manufacturing processes. Based on a small training sets of categorized (for instance good/bad) images, our clients are able to detect similar and previously unseen defects without human intervention. Additionally, customized versions of our product can be used for entirely automated counting of objects. Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) applying the technology can therefore speed up their entire supply chain without expert knowledge.


Stop losing money. Today.

Machine Learning system that puts healthcare insurance providers in control of waste, abuse, and fraud. RiSIC uses AI and machine learning to monitor claims in real time and offers powerful benefits that are unique in the market: Please visit for further information.


Turn medical images into valuable data for AI-based diagnostic systems

The HICCAP Annotation Platform is designed for quickly and continuously creating curated data in the clinical setting. The platform is built on a number of core components enabling us to integrate with existing systems, provide pixel-exact annotations with single clicks, incorporate medical information into workflow and scale to thousands of annotators covering millions of patients.

Video Search Engine 

Large scale video processing

Our solution to detect and find similar videos on live TV broadcasts. Custom-made video similarity algorithm and performance optimization support large video databases.

Face Detection — Offline.

Secure and cloud-independent on your mobile device

A state-of-the art face recognition system that uses the FaceNet Convolutional Neural Network to recognize faces requiring not more than a single image per person.

Video Scene Analysis

Understanding Video Content using Scalable Image Analytics and Deep Learning

Large amounts of valuable video footage are hidden in media archives. The videos appear as large blocks of data without information about its content. Proper labeling and scene by scene annotations are absent. Our big image analytics platform is able to analyze videos and add natural language descriptions to every scene in the video – automatically without manual intervention.

Crosswalk Security Maintenance

Lower maintenance costs and increase security for pedestrians using AI

In this showcase the customer responsible for public roads wanted to monitor road surface conditions around crosswalks. Instead of time-consuming and dangerous field inspections, street view-like images, fully georeferenced and accurate to the centimeter level, combined with AI-based object detection, creates actionable reports.


We are a diverse set of experienced experts able to leverage state-of-the-art artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to generate immediate business value for you

Our team is a combined effort of cooperating partner firms and is composed of 11 dedicated individuals who are backed by over 500 industry experienced colleagues

Joachim Hagger

Business Development

In the last years, Joachim advised various customers about where and how artificial intelligence can help most to solve striking problems. As an entrepreneur, he is the co-founder of two companies in software engineering. Until 2014 he has held a variety of positions at Netcetera Group (SME, 550 employees). His latest startup company, 4Quant, focused on improving cancer diagnosis in radiology using AI leading to better treatments for patients. He has more than 30 years of experience in successful IT services business and in the development of the software industry in Switzerland. He holds a master’s degree in Physics at ETH Zurich.

Aleksandar Nikov

Technology Consultant

Aleksandar is Head of Innovation at Netcetera. He leads innovation projects in machine learning, augmented reality, internet of things and blockchain and is working on several data science projects in health insurance and payment areas. Long time experience in implementation of software development projects as a developer technical lead and an architect. Aleksandar is a co-founder of a Java User Group in Macedonia. Has a strong background in algorithms and competitive programming both as a competitor, coach, and organizer of programming contests.

Angelika Seiler

Marketing and Communication

Angelika is a specialist for everything Marketing and Communications related with over 10 years of work experience in the software industry. She holds a Master of Arts in English from the University of Zurich. In her spare time, she reads science fiction novels and contemplates if androids dream of electric sheep.

Corsin Decurtins

Architecture Consultant

Corsin is the Chief Technology Officer of Netcetera. He studied computer science and worked as a research assistant at ETH Zurich. Corsin is interested in the new possibilities that AI offers for software systems. At AI First, he is responsible for integrating AI with classical software development and making AI-based solutions reliable, rock-solid and enterprise-grade.

Evgenija Stevanoska

Algorithm Engineer

Evgenija Spirovska has multiple years of experience in the field of data science and algorithm development. She also held positions as a Python Developer and Lab Assistant at the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University – Skopje. She holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science.

As an enthusiast of competitive programming, algorithms, and mathematics, she has more than ten years of experience as a competitor. She is also a member of the organizational team of CodeFu  — a major coding competition in Macedonia. Her other interests and hobbies include board games and Rubik’s Cubes solving.

Kristijan Jankoski

Data Scientist

Kristijan is a machine learning engineer, researcher, and practitioner with over 9 years of experience in the software industry. He handles data engineering processes, meaning he builds software for batch & real-time analytics across our internal network. His areas of research include computer vision, pattern recognition, and data mining.

Marija Todosovska

Machine Learning Engineer

Before joining AI First, Marija was part of multiple independent projects concerning AI during her studies and internships. She has experience working in the following areas of AI: Natural Language Processing, Data Mining, Computer Vision, Robotics and (Social) Network Analysis.

She graduated from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje in 2018. Her bachelor thesis concerned the Detection of abusive language in online comments using machine learning techniques.

Stojanco Tudzarski

Senior Software Engineer

He has 23 years of software industry experience. His primary focus in the previous 7 years has been on the topic of Machine Learning including R and Python. He has participated in several Kaggle ML competitions. His current interests include deep learning applied to image/face/speech recognition. He holds a master’s degree in Computer Science from FCS and Mechanical Engineering from FME Skopje, respectively.

Borijan Georgievski

Computer Vision Engineer

Borijan is a graduate from the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia. Following his graduation, he pursued his interest in Data Science and in particular in Deep Learning and joined AI First. Borijan leads the development of computer vision projects.


Research papers and academic contributions

Our team members frequently contribute to the solution of open research questions. Find some of our publications here:

Comparison of different model’s performances in task of document classification

Kristijan Spirovski, Evgenija Stevanoska, Andrea Kulakov, Zaneta Popeska, Goran Velinov

WIMS ’18 Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Web Intelligence, Mining and Semantics

TurtleBot: Navigation and Image Processing

Marija Todosovska, Simon Hermann, Dajana Stojcevska

CiiT 2018 – 15th International Conference on Informatics and Information Technologies

Supervised morphogenesis: Exploiting morphological flexibility of self-assembling multirobot systems through cooperation with aerial robots

Nithin Mathews, Anders Lyhne Christensen, Alessandro Stranieri, Alexander Scheidler, Marco Dorigo

2018 Elsevier B.V.


Machine learning based defect detection for OEMs

AI First and Fabrimex Systems launch new software product. Fabrimex Systems relies on AI First to expand their product offering: the joint venture by 4Quant and Netcetera offering AI-driven software services is developing the computer vision product fs-vision that can detect defects on production lines. Fabrimex Systems, specialist for industrial cameras, embedded computing and machine vision in Switzerland, is an early adopter of this machine learning based technology from AI First. The software can be trained to identify defective work pieces during the manufacturing process, speeding up the supply chain and lowering production costs.

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AI First is Microsoft Azure cloud ready!

We are proud to announce that Marija Todosovska, Data Scientist at AI First, is Microsoft certified. She successfully finished all required online courses and passed the exam for the course “Designing and Implementing Big Data Analytics Solutions”. We can now implement cognitive services that Microsoft offers with an officially certified employee to our customers.

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